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The motive behind murder was to surface and extend the information that was once universally provided by finger(1) through a modern interface. Building on this, murder has a plug-in infrastructure to add additional features, allowing it to become a full-fledged social-information platform that utilizes standard and open technologies.

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2012-03-01 15:27

Esta versão adicionou um RSS (consumidor de exibição) plug-in, uma mensagem pessoal placa plug-in e componente de página de plug-in infra-estrutura. Foi reparado um erro onde um usuário pode não ter sido exibido nas listagens de usuário.
Tags: Stable
This release added an RSS (consumer/display) plug-in, a personal message board plug-in, and page-component plug-in infrastructure. A bug where a user might not have been displayed in the user listings was fixed.

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