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Netautor Professional is an application server and development environment.
Netautor Professional was developed to serve the practical needs of users, and
was continuously advanced.

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2002-02-08 21:52
4.5 BETA

Mudar as extensões de arquivo. PHP3 para php., Substituindo os lotes dos parâmetros com os novos (que são mais descritivos), acrescentando ainda a função e as descrições de parâmetro para a documentação, e muitas correções de bugs.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Changing file extensions from .php3 to .php, replacing lots of parameters with new ones (which are more descriptive), adding remaining function and parameter descriptions to the documentation, and lots of bugfixes.

2001-11-02 20:44

Novas funções foram adicionadas, incluindo npf_sendmail e npf_select. Bugfixes foram feitas no banco de dados-camada. As funções adicionais foram adicionados no objeto-SQL. Novas funções para gerar PDF na mosca foram escritos. Estabilidade foi melhorada no Win2k. A documentação complementar foi escrito. Mais parâmetros foram adicionados à função npf_calendar. Seleção de dados on-áreas é agora possível.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
New functions were added, including npf_sendmail and npf_select. Bugfixes were
made in the database-layer. Additional functions were added in the sql-object.
New functions to generate PDF on the fly were written. Stability was improved
on Win2k. Additional documention was written. More parameters were added to the
npf_calendar function. Sorting on data-areas is now possible.

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