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NP3 Music Player is a standalone music player, which has a distinct separation between client and server. It consists of a daemon, which plays the files (through XMMS input plugins), and is controlled by a client. It features an event system, which enables excellent support for sophisticated clients.

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2002-02-06 17:58

O daemon tornou-se razoavelmente estável, o que garante muitos dias de uptime. Limpeza de código interno e muitas correções levaram a um programa utilizável. Uma das muitas novidades é o sistema de eventos, que permite a clientes avançados.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Stable
The daemon has become reasonably stable, which guarantees many days of uptime. Internal code cleanups and many bugfixes have lead to a usable program. One of the many new features is the event system, which allows for advanced clients.

2002-02-06 17:55

Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Development

2001-12-01 08:39

Melhorias de estabilidade, um redesenhado interface Web, e um cliente Java.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Development
Stability improvements, a redesigned Web interface, and a Java client.

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