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PAM_pkcs#11 is a Linux-PAM login module that
allows a X.509 certificate based user login. The
certificate and its dedicated private key are
thereby accessed by means of an appropriate PKCS
#11 module. For the verification of the users'
certificates, locally stored CA certificates as
well as either online or locally accessible CRLs
are used. A very flexible, stackable, and
configurable Certificate-To-Login mapping scheme
is provided to deduce/verify the username to log

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2005-09-12 17:05

Esta é a primeira versão desenvolvida no local O mapeador API foi estabilizado. Tudo definido Cert-a-mappers login estão trabalhando. Manuals, doxygen, ea documentação manpage foram escritos.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This is the first version developed at the site. The mapper API was stabilized.
All defined Cert-to-login mappers are working.
Manuals, doxygen, and manpage documentation were

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