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Podalyzer scans one or more Web server log files,
extracts entries that result from downloads of
media files (typically podcasts), and generates a
report based on those entries. In addition to
reporting the number and size of downloaded files,
it generates a number of graphs showing downloads
over time, downloads per 'show' and (if the
Geo::IP module is installed) a breakdown by country.

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2006-02-11 00:16

O download contando heurística tem uma idéia melhor do que constitui um download completo. Os dados foram adicionados cerca de hits não é considerado downloads. Existem várias melhorias cosméticas para o HTML gerado. A opção - CSV foi adicionado para produzir um extrato de CSV de toras.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The download counting heuristic has a better idea of what constitutes a complete download. Data has been added about hits not considered downloads. There are various cosmetic enhancements to generated HTML. A --csv option has been added to produce a CSV extract of logs.

2006-02-09 01:54

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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