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Pong² gives you the opportunity to revamp the old and famous gameplay of Atari's first game. It uses OpenGL for drawing, has really freaky visuals and adds another dimension. Every player can move along two axes, and instead of watching the playing field from the side, the perspective is first person.

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2006-08-27 12:19

O código de rede foi reescrito. O tamanho do pacote foi drasticamente reduzida. Alguns bugs foram corrigidos.
Tags: Major bugfixes
The networking code was rewritten. The package
size was dramatically reduced. Some bugs were

2005-07-26 10:47

Um problema em que o buffer de estêncil não funcionou com os drivers mais recentes da nVidia e outro foi fixado. (Reflexões foram elaboradas de forma incorrecta.)
Tags: Major bugfixes
A problem in which the stencil buffer did not work
with newer nVidia drivers and others was fixed.
(Reflections were drawn incorrectly.)

2005-02-25 15:12

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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