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pthread-lib is a set of pthread wrapper functions,
a thread manager,
and a signal handler. The wrapper functions enable
the programmer to
create and manage sets of thread pools without
knowing all the pthread
internals. This includes creating, joining, and
other operations.
The thread manager watches and supervises the
threads, checking
whether they are still alive and working. The
thread manager can also be
assigned tasks by the programmer, either in code
or by a configuration
file. These tasks will be executed when the
scheduled date/time occurs,
and can be almost any task. The thread manager is
implemented as its
own thread within the main process. A
single-threaded signal handler
is available to catch all signals to a
multi-threaded process. Instead
of having every thread manage signals, this one
thread handles all
signals. To further enhance its functionality, the
programmer is allowed
to assign functions (via a pointer to a function)
to any signal it may

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