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PVHost is an ISP/power user tool that lets admins easily create new virtual Web servers using Apache, PHP, mod_auth_mysql, and a custom ftpd. It supports PHP, FTP, and FrontPage rights control, etc. The custom ftpd allows creation of FTP accounts without the need for creation of Unix accounts on the server.

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2001-05-22 02:02

A capacidade de controlar Apache permitir-override opção foi adicionada. A capacidade de controle de autenticação sobre o diretório stats / foi adicionado. Um script que gera estatísticas de utilização analógica, magia relatório e dns-terror foi adicionado.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
The ability to control Apache's allow-override option was added. The ability to
control authentication over the /stats directory was added. A script that
generates statistics using analog, report magic, and dns-terror was added.

2001-05-19 15:08

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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