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Quasar Media Player is a light-weight, fast, and convenient media player for mobile systems. It offers many of the features found in modern desktop media players, like fast library overview and filtering along with the ability to handle large libraries very well. It has several unique features that give it unprecedented flexibility on a mobile device, like a zoomable interface for better readability even from a distance, or auto-generated playlists from a set of locations. It offers flexible support and handling of cover art images, and features a cover art album browser and built-in downloader. Quasar is highly configurable and can be operated completely via keyboard, remote control, or touchscreen.

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2010-03-29 11:42
0.96 beta 4

Cover Art navegador álbum Flow. Uma arte downloader automático da tampa. / serviços de apoio Audioscrobbler (QScrobbler foi integrado). Um diálogo de reforço da informação da mídia. Suporte para os principais sistemas operacionais desktop (Windows e Mac OS X). Grandes melhorias no desempenho e muitas correções.
Cover Art Flow album browser. An automatic cover art downloader. / Audioscrobbler service support (QScrobbler has been integrated). An enhanced media information dialog. Support for major desktop operating systems (Windows and OS X). Major performance improvements and many bugfixes.

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