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rsaver is a simple X screensaver that only uses
Xlib. After a specified amount of time it will
start to draw radioactive signs. If a timeout is
not specified, the timeout value is obtained from
the X server.

System Requirements

System requirement is not defined
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2005-03-28 19:03

O Makefile antigo foi substituído por dois arquivos: Makefile para fazer e BSD GNUmakefile para GNU make. rand (3) e srand (3) foram substituídos por acaso (3) e srandom (3). Suporte do Solaris foi adicionado. O suporte foi adicionado para o banco de dados de recursos X (ver xrdb (1) e X (7) para mais detalhes).
Tags: Major feature enhancements
The old Makefile has been replaced with two files: Makefile for BSD make and GNUmakefile for GNU make. rand(3) and srand(3) have been replaced with random(3) and srandom(3). Solaris support has been added. Support has been added for the X resource database (see xrdb(1) and X(7) for details).

2005-03-21 10:47

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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