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rssgen is a PHP RSS generator. It does not require
a database, as the information is written directly
to an XML file. You can create new headlines,
modify existing ones, and preview how they will

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2010-02-11 09:22

Esta versão adiciona a capacidade de acrescentar novos artigos ao final do arquivo XML e adiciona a capacidade de apagar artigos sem ter de começar de novo.
Tags: feature additions
This release adds the ability to append new articles to the end of the XML file, and adds the ability to delete articles without having to start fresh.

2010-02-02 03:25

Esta versão substitui todas as tags PHP breve será tags de abertura total e elimina a necessidade de register_globals estar ligado.
Tags: Minor bugfixes and enhancements
This release replaces all PHP short tags will full opening tags and
removes the need for register_globals to be turned on.

2005-12-12 19:59

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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