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RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems) is a commercial grade real-time operating system designed for deeply embedded systems. It is a free (as in beer and speech) open-source solution that supports multi-processor systems. RTEMS is designed to support applications with the most stringent real-time requirements while being compatible with open standards such as POSIX. It includes filesystem support as well as a port of the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack. It's been ported to numerous processor architectures including ARM, Blackfin, PowerPC, i386, M68K, Coldfire, MIPS, Mico32, M32C, M32R, NIOS2, SPARC, SH, H8, and C3x/C4x DSPs. Using the GNU tools for cross development, you can use any number of systems as development hosts including both Unix and Windows platforms. There are pre-built cross development toolsets for RPM-based GNU/Linux distributions and MS Windows.

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2011-02-10 06:53

Este é o primeiro lançamento da série de lançamentos 4,10 e inclui novas funcionalidades.
This is the first release in the 4.10 release series and includes new functionality.

2011-02-10 06:53

Este é o sexto lançamento da série 4.9 e endereços de 11 relatórios de problema.
Tags: Stable
This is the sixth release in the 4.9 series and addresses 11 problem reports.

2010-03-19 06:57

Este é o quinto lançamento da série ramo 4,9 e aborda questões identificadas pelos usuários. Há problemas com 7 números PR e dois sem. Teste de informações de cobertura é fornecida com o lançamento.
This is the fifth release in the 4.9 branch series and addresses issues identified by users. There are 7 issues with PR numbers and two without. Test coverage information is provided with the release.

2009-11-17 07:34

Isso é basicamente um bugfix release com cerca de 20 problemas relatados abordados. A BSP poucos receberam atualizações dos usuários. A característica mais significativa desta versão é que ela é a libertação RTEMS primeira a incluir os dados de cobertura de teste. Os relatórios são incluídos em x86, ARM, SPARC, e Coldfire BSP.
Tags: Stable
This is primarily a bugfix release with approximately 20 reported issues addressed. A few BSPs received updates from users. The most significant characteristic of this release is that it is the first RTEMS release to include test coverage data. Reports are included from x86, ARM, SPARC, and Coldfire BSPs.

2008-12-13 23:15

Muitas melhorias foram feitas. Os destaques incluem novos métodos, melhorias tamanho do executável, BSPs novos, e melhorias importantes para o shell RTEMS.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Latest Stable
Many improvements were made. Highlights include new methods, executable size improvements, new BSPs, and major improvements to the RTEMS shell.

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