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Simple Continuous Integration Tools (scit) is an automated build and or test system consisting of a set of Perl and expect scripts utilizing common tools that are available for most Unix-like operating systems. The intention is to keep it lightweight while still providing a full set of features. The current version has a command-line and an HTML user interface. It should be possible to make it run on very modest hardware; part of the development and testing has been done on a Nokia N900 phone with both master and slave roles running on the same unit.

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2011-07-28 05:55 Back to release list

A opção de depuração foi adicionado aos scripts de início; sem ele, o fundo processos agora escrever muito menos do que antes para os arquivos de log. As melhorias de estabilidade para os processos de fundo introduzidas na versão 0,19 foram ampliados para incluir os processos escravos remoto.
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A debug switch has been added to the start scripts; without it, the background processes now write a lot less than before to the log files. The stability improvements for the background processes introduced in version 0.19 have been expanded to include the remote slave processes.

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