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Simple Continuous Integration Tools (scit) is an automated build and or test system consisting of a set of Perl and expect scripts utilizing common tools that are available for most Unix-like operating systems. The intention is to keep it lightweight while still providing a full set of features. The current version has a command-line and an HTML user interface. It should be possible to make it run on very modest hardware; part of the development and testing has been done on a Nokia N900 phone with both master and slave roles running on the same unit.

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2011-09-07 06:08 Back to release list

Um bug que causava problemas ao tentar parar de escravos locais foi corrigido. O script svn_scitmaster agora apenas espera em vez da direita parar após o início do projeto se não está configurado. Um sistema de autenticação dinâmica para lighttpd (DASL) foi adicionado. DASL foi testado com o Ubuntu 11.04; outras distribuições pode precisar de um pouco de ajustes manuais do script sysv para começar lighttpd lighttpd via anjo em vez de diretamente.
A bug that caused problems when trying to stop local slaves has been fixed. The svn_scitmaster script now just waits instead of quitting right after starting if no project is configured. A dynamic authentication system for lighttpd (dasl) has been added. Dasl has been tested with Ubuntu 11.04; other distributions may need a little manual tweaking of the sysV script to start lighttpd via lighttpd-angel instead of directly.

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