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Senator is an implementation of a Microsoft
ASF stream server that runs under Linux.
Users can connect to it using Media Player and
the HTTP stream protocol. Skipping and
searching in the video stream is supported.

System Requirements

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2002-07-10 12:52
1.0beta - rerelease

Maior suporte a depuração para submeter relatórios de bugs foi adicionado.
Tags: Major bugfixes
Greater debugging support for submitting bug reports has been added.

2002-07-09 15:37

Esta versão beta é funcional, mas existem alguns problemas com a cronometragem, e do agrupamento dos pacotes ASF ainda precisa ser corrigido.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This beta release is functional, but there are some problems with timing, and the grouping of ASF packages still needs to be fixed.

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