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suspend-hibernate read ahead (SHRA) increases the
response time of running programs when coming out
of suspend states on Linux. SHRA aims to support
all init-style Linux distributions through
run-control startup scripts.

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2005-11-21 05:56

executar scripts de controle agora aplicar e instalar corretamente. O script foi daemonizada. Instalação funciona bem para o Slackware e usuários do Ubuntu.
Tags: Major bugfixes
run-control scripts now apply and install cleanly. The script has been daemonized. Installation works OK for Slackware and Ubuntu users.

2005-11-14 02:44

Atualmente suporta tanto o Slackware e Debian (Ubuntu). A documentação contém um diagrama de fluxo de execução.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
Currently supports both Slackware and Debian (Ubuntu). The documentation contains an execution flow diagram.

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