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sms_biff is a tool that extends the concept of
biff by sending notifications of incoming emails
via SMS. By setting up your email filtering to
call this script with a copy of incoming messages,
it will send a terse version of each message to
your cell phone.

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2006-02-17 09:45

O sms_biff_SMS_EMAIL_ADDRESS e documentação sms_biff_SMTP_SERVER foi esclarecida a dizer que sms_biff_FORGE_ENVELOPE_FROM = auto só é perigoso com a Sprint.
Tags: Documentation
The sms_biff_SMS_EMAIL_ADDRESS and
sms_biff_SMTP_SERVER documentation was clarified
to say that sms_biff_FORGE_ENVELOPE_FROM=auto is
only dangerous with Sprint.

2005-02-05 07:21

Esta versão adicionou parsing MIME, HTML para conversão de texto e filtros para abreviar '>' citado texto de resposta e retirar PGP SIGNED inline cabeçalhos das mensagens.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This version added MIME parsing, HTML to text conversion, and filters to abbreviate '>'-quoted reply text and remove inline PGP SIGNED MESSAGE headers.

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