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SNTS (Simple Network Time Sync) is a simple, fast, and low-overhead time syncronization system for LANs. It is designed as a simple replacement for timed with better time control and better portability (for systems without a standard adjtime() call, such as Linux). It uses broadcasts to negotiate servers and set time, and allows multiple groupings of servers on a network for independent time management for groups or labs. SNTS also supports multiple servers in a single group.

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2002-06-04 23:01

Esta versão corrige suporte ao Linux por reescrever o processador de sinal e cai de volta para o seeder antigo número aleatório.
Tags: Major bugfixes
This release fixes Linux support by rewriting the signal handler, and falls back to the old random number seeder.

2001-01-30 15:13

Implementação da ligação para um endereço IP específico na extremidade do servidor.
Implementation of binding to a specific IP address on the server end.

2001-01-30 15:13

Um pouco estranho segfault corrige falha, semeadura aleatória novo, e mais mensagens detalhadas.
A few odd segfault crash fixes, new random seeding, and more verbose messages.

2001-01-30 15:13

Correções para 'xxx pid tentou definição de fuso horário obsoleto kernel' mensagens no NetBSD e um buffer overflows poucos buracos (segurança).
Fixes for 'pid xxx tried setting obsolete kernel time zone' messages on NetBSD and a few buffer-overflows (security holes).

2001-01-30 15:13

First release.
First release.

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