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Star is a very fast, POSIX-compliant tar archiver, maintained for more than 30 years. It saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individual files from the archive. It includes command line interfaces for the "tar", "Sun-Tar", "cpio", "pax", and "gnutar" command-line syntax. It includes a FIFO for speed, a pattern matcher, multi-volume support, the ability to archive sparse files and ACLs, the ability to archive extended file flags, automatic archive format detection, automatic byte order recognition, automatic archive compression/decompression, remote archives, and special features that allow star to be used for full and incremental backups. It includes the only known platform independent "rmt" server program.

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2008-03-04 16:34 Back to release list

O caso da "estrela-f / dev / stdout" é capturado e estrela é ainda permitido evitar adicionar o arquivo para o arquivo. O diffopts novo = symperm característica permite-lhe excluir comparando com permissões de links simbólicos.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Development
The case of "star -f /dev/stdout" is caught and
star is still allowed to avoid adding the archive
file to the archive. The new diffopts=symperm
feature allows you to exclude comparing
permissions with symlinks.

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