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storeBackup is a backup utility that stores files on other disks. It's able to compress data, and recognize copying and moving of files and directories (deduplication), and unifies the advantages of traditional full and incremental backups. It can handle big image files with block-wise changes efficiently. Depending on its contents, every file is stored only once on disk. Tools for analyzing backup data and restoring are provided. Once archived, files are accessible by mounting file systems (locally, or via Samba or NFS). It is easy to install and configure. Additional features are backup consistency checking, offline backups, and replication of backups.

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2012-03-05 04:37 Back to release list

Esta versão inclui correcções importantes se você usar lateLinks/lateCompress ou com arquivos bloqueados ou dispositivos de eliminação de duplicação. Existem também muitas pequenas correções, portanto, é recomendável substituir versão 3.2.
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This release includes important fixes if you use lateLinks/lateCompress or de-duplication with blocked files or devices. There also are many small fixes, so it is recommend to replace version 3.2.

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