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This library provides an implementation of tables indexed by strings. The binary search is used for names of known length. It is also possible to search a table for names of unknown length, i.e. to parse a string using some table. Table elements can be of any private type. Key- insensitive tables are supported.

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2012-01-23 03:51

Pacotes Debian e Fedora são fornecidos para ambas as arquiteturas de 32 e 64 bits.
Tags: Packaging
Fedora and Debian packages are provided for both 32- and 64-bit architectures.

2010-06-28 02:08

Esta versão adiciona o Fedora e os pacotes Debian.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release adds Fedora and Debian packages.

2009-06-14 23:19

Localize as operações foram adicionados aos quadros e pacotes Tables.Names. A diferença de encontrar e obter retorno é que o deslocamento para o item encontrado.
Locate operations were added to the Tables and Tables.Names packages. The difference from Find and Get is that they return the offset to the found item.

2008-03-30 18:09

Um pequeno bug foi corrigido no caso de tabelas insensível. Uma variante do caso, mesas-insensitive em codificação UTF-8 está documentado aqui (a aplicação de simples é fornecido no prazo de Componentes para o projeto Ada, porque requer suporte UTF-8).
Tags: Documentation
A minor bug has been fixed in case-insensitive tables. A variant of case-insensitive tables in UTF-8 encoding is documented here (the implementation of is provided within Simple Components for Ada project, because it requires UTF-8 support).

2007-05-20 01:47

Arquivos do projeto GPS foram adicionadas para usuários GNAT.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
GPS project files were added for GNAT users.

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