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Tapestry Palette is a plugin for Eclipse that builds upon the Spindle plugin. The palette provides a tree view of Tapestry component libraries, a component inspector to discover
parameters available with links to HTML documentation, drag and drop addition of Tapestry component references to templates, and a Property Sheet for editing of component bindings. The plugin can be installed from within Eclipse via an update site.

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2005-11-16 09:48

O plugin foi atualizado para trabalhar com Eclipse 3.1 e Spindle 3.2.4. As URLs a documentação do Tapestry foram atualizados para refletir a nova localização.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
The plugin has been updated to work with Eclipse
3.1 and Spindle 3.2.4. The URLs to the Tapestry
component documentation have been updated to
reflect the new location.

2005-03-30 06:00

O plugin suporta agora anônimo componentes Tapestry implícita. É configurável através da página de preferências.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
The plugin now supports anonymous implicit Tapestry components. It is configurable via the preferences page.

2005-03-28 07:27

Esta versão adicionou a capacidade de procurar informações de biblioteca remota de componentes e para baixar e instalar bibliotecas de componentes de dentro do Eclipse.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release added the ability to browse remote component library information and to download and install component libraries from within Eclipse.

2005-03-10 19:07

Esta versão suporta Tapeçaria 3,02 e adiciona suporte para navegação, download e instalação de bibliotecas de componentes remotos Tapeçaria de dentro do Eclipse.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
This release supports Tapestry 3.02 and adds support for browsing, downloading, and installation of remote Tapestry component libraries from within Eclipse.

2005-02-18 20:17

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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