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TIA is an ncurses-based console IDE for GCC, G++, Java, Perl, PHP, BASH, BUSH, HTML, and GNAT (Ada 95). It has integrated support for CVS, SVN, and ncurses compatible mice. Features include a ddd-style console debugger, automatic spelling correction, keyword hilighting, project statistics, automatic backups, and keyboard macros. The project window controls optimization and debug settings all in one place. TIA supports make, cook, and gnatmake project builders. For large projects, each user has a separate preference file.

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2010-07-19 06:03

Actualização de compatibilidade com TextTools 2.0.7.
Updated for compatibility with TextTools 2.0.7.

2010-02-10 07:58

Esta versão adiciona a função de ajuda de contexto e sugestões de conclusão, e suporte para GCC Java e Cygwin.
Tags: Stable
This release adds popup function help and completion suggestions, and support for GCC Java and Cygwin.

2003-08-27 16:25

Perl, Bash, e suporte HTML foram adicionados.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Perl, Bash, and HTML support were added.

2002-09-06 01:48

Esta versão adiciona suporte preliminar para BUSH (PegaSoft negócios da Shell), melhor manipulação de arquivos de texto simples, e pequenos ajustes para o GCC 3.x.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
This release adds preliminary support for BUSH (PegaSoft Business
Shell), better handling of plain text files, and minor fixes for GCC

2001-11-07 09:22

Melhor suporte ao idioma e integração CVS, um RPM binário, e outras correções de bugs.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements
Better language support and CVS integration, a binary RPM, and other bugfixes.

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