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Tickletux Hangman s a Hangman game written in TCL/Tk and features skinability, which allows everything from the background and Hangman images to the word list to be edited.

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2001-05-31 13:22

Esta versão corrige todos os erros conhecidos, e inclui 16 mil palavras do dicionário, sustentação da pele mutiple, sistemas de pontuação, uma tabela de pontuação elevada, vitória / derrota indicadores, e um monte de pequenas melhorias.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Development
This release fixes all known errors, and includes
a 16 thousand word dictionary, mutiple skin
support, scoring systems, a high score table,
win/lose indicators, and lots of minor improvements.

2001-05-21 14:09

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Development

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