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This is a simple command-line utilitiy to convert
images from TIFF to PNG format. It is primarily
useful in dealing with TIFF images that contain
alpha channels (transparency information), since
the NetPBM suite is (currently) ill-suited for such
conversions. A few test images are included.

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2002-09-16 10:38 Back to release list

Esta versão corrige praticamente todos os restantes 16 bits por amostra-bugs verificado (a), tanto para grandes TIFFs e little endian. Ele também corrige um problema de escala de sub-8-bit imagens.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes virtually all remaining 16-bit-per-sample bugs (verified) for both big and little endian TIFFs. It also corrects a scaling problem with sub-8-bit images.

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