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TundraDraw is a cross-platform ANSI/ASCII drawing
program. It features network connectivity to allow
artists to draw together over the Internet. It
also features a 24-bit color mode to allow users
to draw ANSI with a 24-bit color palette.

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2006-02-12 10:40
0.5 Beta 1

Este é o primeiro beta oficial do TundraDraw. Ele agora inclui os 4-bit e 24-bit paletas de cores, o conjunto completo de caracteres ASCII, desenho de rede completa, com mais de desfazer e refazer as conexões de rede e documentação completa.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
This is the first official beta of TundraDraw. It
now includes both 4-bit and 24-bit color palettes,
the full ASCII character set, network drawing
complete with undo and redo over network
connections, and complete documentation.

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