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The unixODBC project provides Unix applications with the same ODBC 3.51 API and facilities available under Windows. It provides a Driver Manager that supports the full ODBC API and performs the ODBC 3 to ODBC 2 translations with UNICODE to ANSI conversion. It also includes a set of graphical utilities that allow users to specify connections to DBMSes to be used by applications, a collection of ODBC drivers including a simple text based driver, an NNTP driver, a Postgres driver and others, and a selection of templates and libraries that to aid in the construction of ODBC drivers. It works with MySQL, Postgres, StarOffice/OpenOffice, Applixware, iHTML, PHP, Perl DBD::ODBC, and many other applications and drivers. Connection pooling is also provided to increase performance with applications such as PHP.

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2010-04-21 00:16

O número de versão menor foi aumentado para corresponder à mudança no padrão de 64 bits SQLLEN. Assorted outros bugs foram corrigidos. O código agora tem o GUI e peças driver separados em projetos separados.
Tags: minor api change
The minor version number was increased to match the change in 64 bit SQLLEN default. Assorted other bugs were fixed. The code now has the GUI and driver parts split out into separate projects.

2008-11-18 23:52

Muitos bugs foram corrigidos, mas a mudança mais importante é mudar a forma padrão, o gestor do controlador baseia-se em plataformas 64-bit com sizeof (SQLLEN) igual a 8.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Many bugs were fixed, but the most important
change is to switch the default way the driver
manager builds on 64-bit platforms with
sizeof(SQLLEN) equal to 8.

2008-03-22 14:08

Numerosas correções importantes.
Tags: Major bugfixes
Numerous major bugfixes.

2005-10-17 17:35

2004-06-24 19:42

Assorted alterações e correções, 64-bit de limpeza, ea capacidade de usar o sistema se encontrado.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
Assorted changes and fixes, 64-bit cleanup, and the ability to use the system if found.

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