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The USB Network Daemon is an application that
makes a USB interface available over the network
as transparently as possible. Because the data
structures that are accepted by the daemon are
similar to the direct USB calls of a well-known
USB driver vendor, the (additional) implementation
of the network interface can be done easily.
Because of that, applications can be adapted for
both local direct and remote network USB accesses

System Requirements

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2008-11-11 16:15

O fornecedor do produto e identificação dos dispositivos tratados agora pode ser definido através do arquivo de configuração. O daemon agora lida com até seis aparelhos dos tipos configurado ao mesmo tempo.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
The vendor and product ID of the handled devices can now be set via the configuration file. The daemon now handles up to six devices of the configured types at the same time.

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