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xgestures is a gesture recogniztion program for X11 desktops. One may use it to perform various operations like minimizing and killing windows or executing custom commands.

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2005-09-14 10:09

Agora você pode usar xgestures para enviar teclas pressionadas para o desktop. Você pode vincular qualquer gesto para uma tecla pressionada, e, portanto, utilizar qualquer combinação de teclas úteis que seu gerente de desktop oferece. Você pode até tentar escrever usando apenas o mouse.
Tags: Major feature enhancements
Now you can use xgestures to send key presses to
the desktop. You can bind any gesture to a key
press, and thus utilize any useful keybinding that
your desktop manager provides. You can even try to
write using only your mouse.

2005-09-13 13:19

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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