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The XML_XPath PEAR Class allows easy manipulation, maneuvering, and querying of a domxml tree using both xpath queries and DOM walk functions. It uses an internal pointer for all methods on which the action is performed. Results from an xpath query are returned as an XML_XPath_Result object, which contains all the DOM functions from the main object. This class tries to stay as close as possible to the DOM Recommendation. It is important to note that this is only an interface for the PHP domxml library. It depends on that library available (--with-dom) and hence requires PHP 4.2.1. This class is useful if you are looking for a fast implementation to XML documents.

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2002-06-08 09:29

Esta versão traz melhorias significativas de velocidade, limpou a inicialização XML_XPath_result, fixa a classificação para objetos resultado gerado pelo childNodes () e getElementsByTagName (), diferentes consultas XPath relativa e consultas XPath em relação a rápida avaliação recurso. Ele agora não cria objetos resultado em muitos casos desnecessários.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, PEAR
This release features significant speed enhancements, cleaned up XML_XPath_result initialization, fixed sorting for result objects generated by childNodes() and getElementsByTagName(), different relative XPath queries, and relative XPath queries for the quick evaluate feature. It now does not create unnecessary result objects in many cases.

2002-06-07 07:39

Esta versão traz grandes melhorias para a API. Várias funções DOM foram adicionados (getElementsByTagName, childNodes) que devolver o objeto do resultado. O resultado funções passo objeto foram aprimorados. Finalmente, as consultas XPath relativa (em relação ao ponteiro atual) são possíveis através da função EVALUATE ().
Tags: Major feature enhancements, PEAR
This version brings major enhancements to the API. Several DOM functions have been added (getElementsByTagName, childNodes) which return the result object. The result object step functions have been enhanced. Finally, relative XPath queries (relative to the current pointer) are possible through the evaluate() function.

2002-05-24 17:54

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, PEAR

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