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hengbandosx: Commit

Commit MetaInfo

Revisão3826efce8a34d96a87e8b3a227e99310bd1e138a (tree)
Hora2020-03-30 15:03:50
AutorEric Branlund <ebranlund@fast...>
CommiterEric Branlund

Mensagem de Log

For the Green ogre, corrected a spelling mistake in the English description and replaced "by" with "with" to be more idiomatic.

Mudança Sumário


--- a/lib/edit/r_info.txt
+++ b/lib/edit/r_info.txt
@@ -22739,7 +22739,7 @@ S:1_IN_10
2273922739 S:SCARE | BLIND | CONF | HOLD
2274022740 S:BO_PLAS | BO_ICEE | BO_NETH | S_DEMON
2274122741 D:$This ogre is the one of the weakest residents in hell.
22742-D:$ It slahes sinners and gives punishment to them by its heated axe.
22742+D:$ It slashes sinners and gives punishment to them with its heated axe.
2274322743 D:地獄に住む鬼達の中では、最も力のない者どもの一人だ。
2274422744 D:それは罪人を斬りつけ、灼けた斧で劫罰を与え続ける。
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