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hengbandosx: Commit

Commit MetaInfo

Revisãod9346cadc9896ef9b81fcccadae990c140a94331 (tree)
Hora2020-03-30 15:09:39
AutorEric Branlund <ebranlund@fast...>
CommiterEric Branlund

Mensagem de Log

Reworded the second sentence in the English description of the Styx ogre to correct a spelling mistake ("destorys" rather than "destroys") and to be clearer.

Mudança Sumário


--- a/lib/edit/r_info.txt
+++ b/lib/edit/r_info.txt
@@ -22792,7 +22792,8 @@ S:1_IN_7
2279222792 S:SCARE | BLIND | CONF | HOLD
2279322793 S:BO_NETH | BR_NETH
2279422794 D:$It is an ogre who guards Styx following its masters.
22795-D:$ It destorys cairn piled up by children having died before parents.
22795+D:$ It destroys the cairns piled up for children who have died before
22796+D:$ their parents.
2279622797 D:奪衣婆と懸衣翁に仕え、三途の川に佇む鬼だ。
2279722798 D:それは時々賽の河原を見回って、積石塚を破壊して回る。
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