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An Arch Linux-based distro focused on usability in desktop and gaming systems

The main advantages of the linux-hybrid kernel:
1. Default BORE scheduler is used

2. LRNG fixes

3. Clear Linux patchset

4. BBRv2 as network packet algorithm is used

5. AMD-Pstate-EPP and Intel-Pstate work with enable

6. Idle 1000Hz dynamic ticks.

7. Ondemand mode is enabled by default

8. Patches for ext4, btrfs, xfs and zstd from CachyOS

9. Patch to add FUTEX_WAIT_MULTIPLE syscall for older versions of Steam

10. UKSMD support from CachyOS

11. Some patches from linux-zen

12. DRM subsystem fixes with HDR support

The distribution out of the box supports x86_64v2 and x86_64v3 microarchitectures

The main changes in the system:
1. Increased limits for Esync working

2. Fastboot and frameboot compression on Intel integrated graphics enabled

3. Watchdog timers disabled

4. Full control over AMD Radeon graphics cards is enabled (useful for CoreCtrl)

5. Preloaded modules for gamepads and controllers

6. RADV driver is installed and enabled by default for AMD Radeon graphics cards with amdgpu kernel driver

7. Included support for Ray Tracing, Graphics Pipeline Library and video decoding in the Vulkan RADV driver on AMD Radeon graphics cards with RDNA architecture and above

8. Fix for X11 when using obs-vkcapture

9. VA-API driver loading fixes on AMD, Intel and Nvidia

10. Automatically apply variables when a Wayland session is running

11. The variable vm.swapping and vm.dirty_ratio is set to 20

12. The variable vm.page_cluster is set to 0

13. The variable vm.dirty_background_ratio is set to 10

14. The variable vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs is set to 1000

15. The variable vm.max_map_count is set to 16777216

16. IPv4 and IPv6 tweaks

17. Optimizing TCP

18. For AMD Radeon video cards, the radeon and amdgpu drivers are set to high performance mode on Desktop and balanced performance on laptops

19. I/O system tweaks

20. Nvidia driver tweaks

21. Automatic performance mode if the distribution is installed on a desktop PC.

22. Balanced performance mode if the distribution is installed on a laptop and running on battery power

23. High performance activation if the laptop is connected to the charger

24. Recompressing idle memory pages via zram with lz4-compression

The main services that run by default:
1. ananicy-cpp

2. systemd-oomd

3. zram-generator

4. uksmd

5. irqbalance

6. dbus-broker

7. pci-latency(included in hybrid-tweaks package)

8. optimize-interruptfreq(included in hybrid-tweaks package)

9. acpid

10. laptop-mode (if the distribution is running on a laptop)

Video driver support:
Nvidia - minimum 390xx and higher(thanks to herecura)

AMD - Any with Vulkan API support. You can do it without Vulkan API if you need a non-game distribution, but with optimizations for Desktop

Intel - Gen 4 or higher

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