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An Ubuntu LTS-based Linux distribution for lightness and ease of use.

The desktop is LXQt with a Win classic design.

In addition, the familiar app on Wine may work!?

The logo has the motif of Mt. Kamuriki.

A current kosen student is carrying out the development.

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Liberado: 2022-05-01 12:00
1.x Aardwolf 1.2022.05.01 Aardwolf May 2022 Update (1 files Esconder)

Release Notes

Hi! I'm Asanami.
The release of the official version of 2.x was postponed to August the other day in order to seek stability, but 1.x is already quite stable, so I issued the usual update.

By the way, this is the first release since the numbering rule has changed. There are a lot of small changes, but the most important are the changes in the "/etc/os-release" file.
Please be assured that "Nimbuspwn", which was discovered the other day, has also taken measures.




Countermeasures for CVE-2022-2979 (Nimbuspwn)
Chromium 101.1
Sylpheed 3.7.0
Numbering rule change

CVE-2022-2979 (Nimbuspwn)の対策
Chromium 101.1
Sylpheed 3.7.0