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2020-02-19 19:13
Resenha por Saqib AlMalik

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Manjaro is one of the best linux distros available right now. with Calameres it saves the hectic of manuall installation of everything and on top of that has a lot of perks as well.

2019-06-05 23:31
Resenha por Opus5x

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All over good work from the Manjaro Community.
good download | Community software/code
No own CommunityWebsite

2019-02-21 06:29
Resenha por jars1991

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Great Linux distribution. Very fast.

2018-10-27 09:16
Resenha por lan542662

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SCREEN PROBLEM WITH KDE RC2 The screen locker is broken and unlocking is not possible anymore. In order to unlock switch to a virtual terminal(e.g. Crtl+ Alt +F2) log in and execute the command...