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Here making MIDI specialized softwares and libraries such as MIDI sequencer software "Sekaiju". Since this server is unstable, nothing is left in here. The migration destination is

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2023-06-22 00:06
Resenha por Al-Faris M

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Pretty good MIDI composer program, quite easy and simple to use.
Simple and efficient.
Not very beginner-friendly.

2023-06-17 00:33
Resenha por smappy

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Great software. You can do every things you need to do. Enjoy it !

2023-04-24 04:24
Resenha por Asphe Games

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I needed software that could insert/edit MIDI event markers (FF 06) so I could implement special features in a game. Most other software I would try either didn't support markers or would save them in an odd way.
If you have a great understanding of MIDI files and their structure this is a great tool as it'll enable you and not limit you like some other midi editors. (I taught myself about MIDI files here: Documentation is offline in a PDF :)
It's not visually pretty but it's codebase is probably a work of art ;)
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