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Exchange EDB files into PST formats (2023-02-01 01:13 by deni_denial #93610)

vMail Software, whose link is provided below, is what I suggest you use to convert your Exchange EDB files into a PST format. Your EDB files can be easily and error-free converted into PST formats using this program. It converts corrupt EDB files as well as healthy EDB files into PST format. It works with every version of Exchange Server, Outlook, and Windows. PST files can be converted using this utility, and the resulting PST files work with all versions of Outlook. Users can also get a free version.
Know more info- https://www.vsoftware.org/edb-to-pst-converter.html

Re: Exchange EDB files into PST formats (2023-03-21 18:31 by adriang001 #94660)

Convert EDB file to PST Using Exchange Management Shell
Exchange Management Shell provides a command-line interface to access the database, get its status, and make the required changes in them. Please make sure that the PST file saving location is a shared network folder.Convert EDB file to PST Using Exchange Management ShellC:\Users\shrishs\AppData\Roaming\Output Messenger\EFAAA\Received Files

To convert EDB file, use the following commands in a sequential manner

Run the command to get the list of mailboxes in a database.
Get-MailboxStatistics -Database <DatabaseName>
The command will enlist all the mailboxes present in the database.

Run the command to export the EDB file to a PST.
New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox <MailboxName> -FilePath \\ExchangeBackup\PST\MailboxName.PST
Run the command to export the EDB file to a PSTD:\DownloadThe command will save the mailbox data to a new PST file. But make sure that the destination folder is a shared folder.

Run the command to check the status of the mailbox export request.
It will provide the status of the export request.

After completing the export process, cancel the export request by the following command.
Remove-MailboxExportRequest -Identity <Name of the export request>
Using this process, you can export the data from a single mailbox.
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