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PDS OST to Office365 Converter Software (2023-02-01 01:33 by sweet_memories #93611)

How do you import Outlook OST into Office 365? You can easily import or migrate Outlook OST to Office 365 and other formats by downloading the PDS OST to PST converter software. All Outlook Mailbox items, including calendars, can be recovered. Attachments, the sent box, the inbox, etc. to Office 365 formats. In a few easy steps, it can split a large PST file into multiple smaller PST files. This Software has a powerful option for splitting PST or Office365 files. Your device is completely protected from all viruses.

Features of PDS OST to Office 365:-

Show preview of OST emails before importing OST to Office 365
OST to Office 365 Migration Tool allows user to Import OST to Office 365 in successful manner
Import OST Emails, Attachments, Calendar, Contact, Journals, Appointments and other items.
You can import single as well as multiple emails of OST files into Office 365 Account
Also maintains folder structure during OST to Office 365 migration.
Supported with Microsoft Outlook versions- 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and earlier versions.
Compatible with Windows OS up to 10 (32 and 64 Bit)
Easily import OST to Gmail and Office 365 with complete mailbox items

Read-more:- https://www.perfectdatasolutions.com/en/ost/import-ost-to-office365.html
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Re: PDS OST to Office365 Converter Software (2023-02-06 20:46 by abhishek316 #93697)

Quello che mi è piaciuto di più di Ignissta Convertitore da ost a pst è la sua interfaccia user-friendly, ha reso il processo di conversione molto semplice e facile per me. Il software offre anche un'ottima funzionalità di trascinamento della selezione che rende il processo di conversione ancora più conveniente. Sono stato anche impressionato dalla capacità del software di scansionare e riparare file OST offline corrotti in pochi secondi, mi ha fatto risparmiare un sacco di tempo e fatica.

Un'altra caratteristica che mi ha colpito è stata la possibilità di esportare file OST inaccessibili, di grandi dimensioni e orfani nel formato PST di Outlook, che mi ha reso facile recuperare i dati persi. E con il suo supporto per i file IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 e Hotmail OST, sono stato in grado di convertire tutte le mie e-mail e i dati importanti.

In conclusione, Ignissta Convertitore da ost a pst ha superato le mie aspettative. È uno strumento potente, affidabile e intuitivo che offre funzionalità avanzate per aiutarti a convertire facilmente i file OST in formato PST. Consiglio vivamente questo strumento a chiunque abbia bisogno della conversione da OST a PST, ti farà risparmiare un sacco di tempo e fatica.

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Re: PDS OST to Office365 Converter Software (2023-03-21 18:38 by adriang001 #94661)

After Converting OST Files to PST Format and Uploading it to Office 365
It is an indirect method to import OST files into Office 365. First, convert the OST files to PST format. After that, we upload the PST files to Office 365.

STEP 1: Convert OST files to PST format

Open your Outlook account. Now click on “File” then “Import and Export.”
Select the “Export to a file” option and click on “Next.”
Choose the “Personal Folder File (.pst)” option and click on “Next.”
Select email or folder and check on “Include Subfolder,” then click on “Next.”
Browse the location where you want to save the file, check “Replace duplicate with items imported,” and click on “Next.”
Type in a password (if you wish, otherwise skip it) and click on “Ok.”
Note: If the Exchange server is offline or not connected to the server, this time-given method will not work. In that case, use the OST to PST converter tool for converting OST files into PST format.

STEP 2: Migrate PST files to the Office 365 Cloud Platform

Log in to your Office 365 account, go to “Admin Center,” then click on “Exchange.”
The Exchange Admin Center(EMC) window will appear. Now go to “Permissions” and double click on “Organization Management.” A new popup appears; click on the “+” sign to select “Mailbox Import Export.” Click on “Add,” then click on “Ok.”
Now again, select “Mailbox Import Export” and click on “Save.”
Go to “Admin Center,” select “Setup,” then select “Data Migration,” and click on “Upload file.”
Later click on “New Import Job,” enter the job name, and click on “Next.”
Select “Upload Your Date,” then click on “Next.”
You will see a window; click on “Show Network Upload SAS URL,” copy the URL and paste it in the notepad.
Download Azure AzCopy. Click on “Run,” and the tool gets installed.
*Note: While importing PST files into Office 365, permit the folder or file you want to import and copy the Network Path. *

Open the Microsoft Azure AzCopy tool and type in: AzCopy.exe /Source: Network Path or File location /Dest:”SAS URL” /V: location path where you want to save the log file /AzCopy.log /Y and press “Enter.”
Sample Code:AzCopy.exe /Source:\DESKTOP-MPKVU38UsersleDesktopImport /Dest:"https://476d07f3b7d444a7a00a5a7.blob.core.windows.net/ingestiondata?sv=2015-04-05&sr=c&si=IngestionSasForAzCopy201806090656050007&sig=hccYVWvlkOhp6FISVYywwt9W9YlzRoQfXqGZvq14jqM%3D&se=2018-07-09T06%3A56%3A09Z" /V:c:UsersleDesktopAzCopy.log /Y

After uploading the PST file, create a CSV file to map the PST file into the mailbox account.
Open the import data window, checkmark both options, and click on “Next.”
Click on “Select Mapping file,” select “Upload CSV file,” click on “Validate,” and finally click on “Save.”
Your PST file was successfully uploaded into Office 365, so click on “Close.”
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