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Peux OS is a beautiful, secure, and minimal archlinux-distro. Currently, three desktop editions are available: XFCE, LXQt, and Gnome.

Key Features:

BTRFS with Autosnap





==>> dd/Rufus-dd/multiwriter to make USB bootable <<==

Note: If for some reason you are not seeing a release here, make sure to check the storage section:

**Finally, If you like it then spread the word. Thanks. **


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2021-07-07 17:37
Resenha por alexis

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LXQt version is an absolute gem, hands down. Though polybar is not an issue for me but tint2 would have been amazing. The rofi taskbar is a crazy idea tbh, absolutely love it.
Font could have been a bit different #suggestion

2021-06-16 22:19
Resenha por shak

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haven't seen anyone else before this to implement leftwm, it is apparently my favorite window manager. Cinnamon is also my favorite, would love to see a Peux version of it, only if that is possible. Thanks

2021-06-10 13:51
Resenha por Maxime

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I have been an Xmonad user since 2012 and honestly, I loved your implementation of it. Came to know about this distro from a YouTuber called DT, which I am not very happy about since he didn't see the potential in it. Clean and basic config, easy for anyone getting started with Xmonad. Keep it up buddy.
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