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PHP-Nuke Titanium comes setup and installed already when you make a request for a network portal. It comes with a FULL blown commercial web hosting package that is free of charge.

We pay for your cPanel License which is about 32 dollars a month and your web hosting which is valued at about 60 dollars a month for what is included with our FREE package.

If you had to go out and purchase what we give you for free it would cost no less than 7 dollars a month for a site that has limited storage and limited usability. We give you unlimited email accounts, unlimited file storage, unlimited databases, unlimited everything. The network is set up to cater to our network members and help them help us build a better Social Network. The network is set up to cater to each individual and we have the ability to tailor each web portal to each users preferences.

PHP-Nuke Titanium is set up so that an ad banner pays for your web hosting and support.

If you would like one of these awesome portals all you have to do is got to and sign up on the website and send a private message to TheGhost (Ernest Buffington). He will set up your portal and walk you through the use of the portal. Freephone support for anyone in the US.

You may also call (813-520-3360) to order your portal if you are in the US. It does take some time to set up your portal and it is faster if we can speak with you and explain your options.

You can choose any domain you like * or *, we also allow people to use their own domain. The only web hosting requirement is that you are running PHP-Nuke Titanium with one ad banner positioned anywhere on your web portal you like.

-Anyone caught abusing web storage or hacking will be banned from the network and lose their portal.

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