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RebornOS é uma distribuição baseada no Arch Linux

Ele inicia como uma bifurcação do Antergos, oferecendo mais opções durante a instalação, com base no instalador do Antergos cnchi, usando o repositório deste último e um deles.

Após o término do desenvolvimento do Antergos, o RebornOS se torna uma distribuição independente, não mais dependendo do repositório do Antergos, mas de seu próprio repositório (além, é claro, dos repositórios do Arch Linux).

Atualmente, ele oferece um instalador baseado em cnchi, que funciona sem problemas, enquanto desenvolve seu próprio instalador: Fenix.

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Liberado: 2020-06-24 12:48
RebornOS-ARM Release Candidate 1 (6 files Esconder)

Release Notes

Installation Guide:

In order to install a Reborn version of ArchLinuxARM download the script for your version of the Raspberry Pi. The script will prepare your SD Card, download, extract, and copy the appropriate files to the SD Card. This script requires only that you provide the name of your SD Card (i.e. mmcblkX, sdX)

Currently on first run you will need to initialize pacman-keys and populate keyrings using pacman-keys --init and pacman-keys --populate archlinuxarm rebornos as the root user. OR you can run the script as a root user. It is located in /usr/share/scripts/

Please be mindful that these packages are experimental at the moment. Please report any errors on our Discord.

Future Plans: Scripts to install various desktop environments (Currently only lxqt and i3).

How to use the RebornOS-ARM images:

1) Download the correct image for your SoC.
2) Format an SD card with two partitions. The first partition should be a FAT partition approximately 100MB and titled boot
3) The second partition should be the remaining space and titled root
4) Extract the .tar.gz image using tar xvf <filename>
5) Copy the boot folder in the decompressed archive to the boot partition you created in step 2.
6) Copy the remaining items in the decompressed archive into the root partition.
7) Safely remove your SD Card and insert it into your SoC.
8) Boot your SoC and enjoy!


6/23/2020: Updated Raspberry Pi installation images. Updated the installation instructions. 6/24/2020: Added an installation script for Raspberry Pi 3. 9/25/2020: Updated script, modified ArchLinuxARM packages for RebornOS.