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A beautiful custom ROM based on AOSP and designed to be stable, fast and easy to use
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2020-12-10 00:37
Resenha por iamb9

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Hey dev, Pie build are so good no issue except, after when unlock from lock screen, there is a black screen for few seconds. You may say why I can't using Q based Revenge OS, because it has blurry text in launcher also graphics flickering while playing game. In the same time Pie based rom don't have that issue. Good luck dev, keep developing.

2020-11-28 20:22
Resenha por bamboo

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very good! thanks for the great rom!

2020-09-24 09:54
Resenha por welchavw

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Great for ali. Much more stable than stock pie.
Boots fast.
Updater is buggy. Doesn't really matter.
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