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SereneLinux is a new Ubuntu-based OS from Japan that focuses on a beautiful UI, lightweight, and unique features. SereneLinux will continue to evolve to become a standard in the future.

Official Site :

Forum :

Twitter account: @FascodeNetwork

Note 1: The APT repository servers registered in Beta 4 and Beta 5 are down.

Note 2: Source code control has been moved to Github (, and what's left of the Git repository on the OSDN may not be up to date.


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2020-05-19 09:02
Resenha por ねこ

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軽い! 普通に使うLinuxにはこれでも十分ですね。 正式版に期待です!

2020-02-15 02:10
Resenha por BCNViewer

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At last!!! A beautiful Ubuntu distro. It is quiet an achievement how this Ubuntu DE is so beautiful and clean with Xfce. Congratulations to the person/team that has done this an excellent job. Please keep it up with your good job.
Clean and Polish DE Stability LTS Google Office suite and Tools No Bloatware
The packages may be considered outdate (Bionic subset), but can be corrected by simple modifications of the PPAs.

2019-08-10 19:06
Resenha por kirito

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素晴らしいOSだ 軽くてXPからの乗り換えに👍 APT鯖が落ちてるのが気になります。
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