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ClassyTk is a Tcl/Tk extension adding a lot of improvements to Tk ranging from an extensive configuration system to a large set of new or improved widgets. It also includes an application building framework with GUI builder, and some example applications.

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classytk-1.0.0-1.i686.rpm 509.7 KB 2004-10-12 22:42 10
ClassyTk1.0.exe 1.1 MB 2004-10-12 22:42 152
ClassyTk-1.0.0.src.tar.gz 843.8 KB 2004-10-12 22:42 14
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classytk-1.0.0-1.i686.rpm509.7 KB2004-10-12 22:4210
ClassyTk1.0.exe1.1 MB2004-10-12 22:42152
ClassyTk-1.0.0.src.tar.gz843.8 KB2004-10-12 22:4214