Project Description

IPtools is an all in one package that includes various TCP/IP tools.

- FTP (just added)
- Syslog
- Web
- Remote Command
- General UDP server
- Multicast server

Client utilities:
- Multicast client
- TFTP client

Starting on version 0.2.0, a powerful network connection tools UBridge is added, it can bridge:
- UDP sessions
- NIC card of the PC
- Connections to Cisco Router Simulator "GNS3/dynamips" and H3C Router Simulator (LITO/CEN).

UBridge can also be used as a Ethernet over UDP tunnel to remote bridge PC's local NIC, UDP proxy etc. Visit the Wiki page for detail.

GUI tools include a network monitoring tool PMON, a SNMP and IP scanner.

The project aim is to make them as light weight tools that can be directly executed in command prompt without the need of installation. (Except pmon and UBridge to bridge PC's NIC which require Winpcap).
The whole package can be put into USB flash and 伴侶highly portable.

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