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Projeto Descrição

This work pursued two main objectives:
- Develop a java library that allows to easily create Excel files via OLE2.0 technology, which could be used by developers regardless of the data origin.
- Develop a system for JForex platform, taking advantage of the library developed, which allows End Users to easily obtain data from any instrument offered by the platform at any period, or the Ticks information of the instrument. At the same time, this system could be improved, modified and / or extended by other developers.

Of the first objective, was born the OLExcel library, which lets use the OLE Compound File technology (, using the Apache POI library ( OLExcel greatly simplifies the job of creating Excel files using Java through OLE2.0 technology.
Of the second objective, was born the JForex2Excel system, that making use of the OLExcel library, send data from the JForex platform to a file in Excel format.