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Video Squirrel is a cross-platform wxWindows video file cataloger. Designed to gather infomation on the actual video files, ex compression used, bitrate, video pixel size and so on.

System Requirements

Sistema Operacional: All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7), POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..), Linux, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, OS Independent

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Nome Tamanho Data Download count 46.7 KB 2009-11-19 03:03 67 74.9 KB 2009-11-19 03:03 115 1.3 MB 2009-11-19 02:46 33 252.6 KB 2009-11-19 02:46 40 63.4 KB 2007-01-17 01:03 23
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flac2wav2flac-v0.1.zip46.7 KB2009-11-19 03:0367
CoreFLAC_ACM-v0.1.zip74.9 KB2009-11-19 03:03115
foo_playcount_db v0.4
foo_playcount_db-src-v0.4.zip1.3 MB2009-11-19 02:4633
foo_playcount_db-v0.4.zip252.6 KB2009-11-19 02:4640
munin-node-win32 v1.1
munin-node-win32-20070116100034.zip63.4 KB2007-01-17 01:0323
munin-node-win32 v1.0
munin-node-win32-20061222220622.zip29.9 KB2006-12-23 13:1123
foo_wmaenc v1.2
foo_wmaenc-src-20040929023708.zip23.2 KB2006-09-23 23:1010
foo_wmaenc_v1.2.zip63.2 KB2006-09-23 23:095
Normalize2 for AviSynth
Normalize v0.1 for AviSynth 2.5
Normalize2-v0.1-with-src.zip12.1 KB2006-09-23 23:0712
DSCrypt_v0.2.zip123.6 KB2005-08-07 15:5625
DSCrypt-v0.2.zip19.8 KB2005-08-07 15:421
Matroska_ The OGM Crusades
OGMCrusades-bin-20050804125204.zip153.3 KB2005-08-05 03:042
SDL Source Code
SDL-dev-msvc-20050804010014.tar.bz21.4 MB2005-08-04 15:349
avs2wav-v1.1-src.zip9.0 KB2004-07-27 13:12100
avs2wav-v1.1.zip4.6 KB2004-07-27 12:552632
Music Title Bar Source Code
Source Code
MusicBar-src-2004-04-04.zip33.4 KB2004-07-12 16:552
MusicBar-src-2003-12-15.zip32.7 KB2004-07-12 16:552
MusicBar-2003-12-09-0126.rar25.7 KB2004-07-12 16:235
MusicBar-2004-04-04-2321.rar31.4 KB2004-07-12 16:237
MusicBar-2003-12-15-1212.rar30.9 KB2004-07-12 16:2310
Music Title Bar fb2k
foo_music_title_bar 0.0.4
foo_music_title_bar_v0.0.4.zip56.8 KB2004-07-12 16:519
foo_music_title_bar_v0.0.4.exe84.8 KB2004-07-12 16:228
Music Title Bar TCMP
MusicTitleBar TCMP v0.0.4
MusicTitleBar_TCMP_v0.0.4.zip29.1 KB2004-07-12 16:454
MusicTitleBar_TCMP_v0.0.4.exe60.6 KB2004-07-12 16:212
foo_matroska v0.3
foo_matroska_v0.3.zip114.9 KB2004-07-12 16:408
foo_matroska_src.zip26.9 KB2004-07-12 16:399
MPEG-2 to VirtualDub
MPEG-2 to VirtualDub v1.74
mpeg2tovirtualdubv174.zip35.2 KB2004-07-08 07:225
mpeg2tovirtualdubv174.exe496.8 KB2004-07-08 07:0413
MPEG-2 to VirtualDub v1.75
mpeg2tovirtualdubv175.zip52.9 KB2004-07-08 07:216
mpeg2tovirtualdubv175full.zip868.2 KB2004-07-08 07:116
MPEG-2 Playback Pack
MPEG-2 Playback Pack v1.0
MPEG-2_Playback_Pack_v1.0.msi1.1 MB2004-07-07 15:519
Video Squirrel Win32 Bin
Video Squirrel v0.1.0
video_squirrel_v0.1.0.zip673.6 KB2004-01-11 15:052
Video Squirrel Source Code
Video Squirrel v0.1.0 Source Code
video_squirrel_src_v0.1.0.zip93.8 KB2004-01-11 14:573
Video Squirrel JSP
Video Squirrel JSP
video_squirrel_jsp_20040110.zip4.4 KB2004-01-11 14:571