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nutcracker is a php based web tool that allows the user to create sophisticated animations on any RGB device.

Current RGB targets supported are Megatrees, matrices and Rays.

Nutcracker sequences are a four step oricess 1) Go into the tool and define your RGB device, You are prompted for the number of RGB strings you have and how many pixels are on each string 2) You next go into the effects library. Spirals, meteors, butterfly wing and many other effects are available, For each effect you modify the effects parameters. 3) Nutcracker now builds an animated gif of your rgb device with the effect attached. If you dont like the effect, go back to step 2 and modify and try again 4) Finally, you click on the sequencer you want Nutcracker to create for. Currently Nutcracker supports these sequencers: Vixen, LSP, LOR and HLS.


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