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The Orbit Determination Toolbox (ODTBX) is developed by the Navigation & Mission Design branch at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as an advanced mission simulation and analysis tool used for concept exploration, proposal, early design phase, and/or rapid design center environments. ODTBX functions and utilities are combined in a flexible architecture that allows for modular development of navigation algorithms and simulations. The core ODTBX functionality is realized through a set of estimation commands that incorporate Monte Carlo data simulation, linear covariance analysis, and measurement processing at a generic level.

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Sistema Operacional: MacOSX, Linux, Windows 7

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ODTBX_MICE_Readme.txt 0.9 KB 2017-06-27 04:29 5 57.4 MB 2017-06-27 01:58 1 55.5 MB 2017-06-27 01:51 1 57.9 MB 2017-06-27 01:50 22
GMAT_ODTBX_Readme.txt 0.9 KB 2014-11-21 18:04 21
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MICE for MATLAB R2017a+
ODTBX_MICE_Readme.txt0.9 KB2017-06-27 04:295
mice_Linuxx64_MATLAB8_v0066.zip57.4 MB2017-06-27 01:581
mice_MacIntelx64_MATLAB8_v0066.zip55.5 MB2017-06-27 01:511
mice_Windowsx64_MATLAB8_v0066.zip57.9 MB2017-06-27 01:5022
GMAT R2014a
GMAT_ODTBX_Readme.txt0.9 KB2014-11-21 18:0421
GMAT-R2014a-Windows.tar.gz143.8 MB2014-11-18 12:0916
GMAT-R2014a-Linux.tar.gz141.6 MB2014-11-18 12:0614
GMAT-R2014a-Darwin.tar.gz140.3 MB2014-11-18 12:0317
GMAT R2012a
GMAT_ODTBX_Readme.txt1.3 KB2014-11-21 18:037
GMAT Linux.tar.gz132.8 MB2013-05-24 05:303
GMAT OSX 10_7.zip133.1 MB2013-05-23 05:093
GMAT Windows 7.zip134.9 MB2012-11-29 10:4210
ODTBX_6_5.jar285.8 MB2014-01-09 23:3740
Docs and Tutorials
Git Tutorial.pptx198.0 KB2013-10-26 01:3855
Contributors_Windows.pptx641.1 KB2012-12-18 05:4113
Contributors_Mac.pptx1.0 MB2012-12-18 05:416
Old ODTBX Releases
ODTBX_6_0.jar285.3 MB2013-06-12 00:1010
ODTBX_5_5.jar286.6 MB2012-12-18 04:3910
ODTBX_5_0.jar286.1 MB2012-09-11 00:203
ODTBX_4_5.jar293.7 MB2011-06-28 23:314
ODTBX_4_0.jar290.6 MB2011-06-28 04:209