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Documentation, examples, and reference driver code for the VMware virtual graphics device used by all VMware virtual machines. This project provides the information and code necessary to write both 2D and 3D graphics drivers for this device.

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Sistema Operacional: OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms), VMware

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vmware-svga-20091021.tar.bz2 3.4 MB 2009-10-22 05:25 1242
vmware-svga-20090413.tar.bz2 3.0 MB 2009-04-13 17:26 147
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vmware-svga-20091021.tar.bz23.4 MB2009-10-22 05:251242
vmware-svga-20090413.tar.bz23.0 MB2009-04-13 17:26147